The project concerns the design and construction supervision of the in-depth renovation of a 120 sq.m.apartment in a building of 1970s. The architectural study was based on the view that the location of the apartment offers, as well as on the owner’s request to convert the apartment in a modern residence regarding functionality, energy efficiency and electromechanical equipment.
A wall along the apartment on which storage areas were incorporated, separates the daytime areas from the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the kitchen. The connection is achieved through an opening placed axially with the door of the kitchen and the balcony doors of the kitchen and the dining room.
At the entrance, a wooden partition sets the limit of the dining room and creates a small hall that allows external view. At the sitting room, the corner furniture – sofa designed in which the small bookcase and the small tables are integrated, offers relaxation moments around the fireplace and in front of the main balcony with the unrestricted view.
The master bedroom, in which an independent bathroom was added, was placed in the front side of the apartment, while the second bedroom is located at the back, designed so as to have the capacity to host a couple.
The lighting study that was implemented was also part of the architectural design, aiming at creating different lighting themes according to the mood of the owners.

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