The main idea of the architectural proposal was based οn the function of the human optical system and the way the human mind perceives optical stimulations. A small in length curved shape wall in the front of the store hosts the company’s brand name, while at the same time it constitutes a promotion point. In the interior, the functionality is achieved on one hand through the central “S” shape table, which facilitates the customers’ movement, and on the other hand through the targeted lighting of the shelves and mirrors, which highlights the products and contributes to a more actual representation of the human face. In parallel, the light in the movement areas has been reduced, so as the purpose of the store to be pointed out. The space perimeter is developed in two zones, according to height. The bottom zone, as high as a human being, designed in plain lines, promotes the products. In the upper zone, the wooden surface that covers the one side defines virtual routes that are lost inside the loft, while its continuity behind the small workshop at the back of the store provides a feeling of an area larger than it actually is. On the opposite side, the wooden surface is “transferred” visually through the mirrors that reach the celling. The aesthetics of the space is completed with the alternative optometry table, an artwork of the artist Zeta Paitaridis, which invites the passers-by to enter the store.

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